Small Business Bookkeeping

Expand the capacity of your business, cost effectively.

Happy Bookkeeping helps small business owners succeed. We like helping people visualize what success means to them and finding ways to make that a reality. Our 30 years of financial expertise can help you figure out how to tread the path you want to be on.

What’s your strategy?

The first five (ten!) years are critical. Good data and sound financial and operational strategy helps businesses take it to that next level.

Unique like you.

Each business is unique, and each owner is unique. Our first and most important job is to listen to you and ask good questions.

We remember!

Small business bookkeeping is the art of remembering, tracking, thinking about and making sense of all the minutia, so you don’t have to.

A hand with a Help sign reaches up out of a pile of papers, binders and boxes. Small business bookkeeping to the rescue :D

Get Your Weekends Back!

Many small businesses are one or two people trying to do everything themselves. Sound familiar? Finance probably isn’t what you got into business for, and it may not be something you have experience with. The books get put off, or they eat up your weekend. Tax time becomes a frantic dash, and financial emergencies create problems.

When DIY equals Not Done, hiring a bookkeper can solve those problems.

Get back to working on your dreams.

Services for Small Business

Small business bookkeeping - don't get buried!


  • Small business bookkeeping and reconciliation
  • Invoicing and AR tracking
  • Vendor payments and tracking
  • Budgeting and cash flow planning
  • Strategic financial planning
  • E-commerce setup and support
  • Tax compliance
  • Payroll management
  • Sales & use tax
  • Bookkeeping setup and account review
  • Financial and technology training
  • Standard and custom reporting
  • Moral support, sounding board, and cheerleading section

Entrepreneurs Encouraged!

Most small business owners are entrepreneurs. We welcome you! We have extra tricks up our sleeves as you get established and grow. We have experience with apps & services that may help.

B-Corp and Mission-Based Businesses, too

We love to work with mission-based businesses, whether you’re a certified B Corp or you’ve stayed an S Corp fueled by a dream. We know what to do when the bottom line isn’t everything.

So how do we get started?

We start with a conversation. You tell us what you need, and we’ll ask questions. We’ll tell you what we can offer your business, and how we work. Our goal is for our clients to be happy with our services, so we spend time making sure each relationship is a good fit.

Where is your office?

We run a paperless, virtual office using a well-oiled workflow. We process transactions, manage documents, and meet with clients all online. Our office becomes an extension of yours. Read more about how and why we work the way we do.

Wait, what about my taxes?

We know taxes, and all books are maintained in accordance with current US and state tax laws. That said, we specialize in management accounting– operations, cash flow, e-commerce, and strategy–rather than taxes. We coordinate with CPAs and lawyers with tax and estate specialization for the benefit of our clients.

How much will it cost?

We’ll work with you to establish an monthly fee based on services rendered on a regular basis. We provide a quote and statement of work. Sample bookkeeping packages available on request.

Two people look at a screen together.

Don’t just take our word for it

Honestly I wasn’t sure at first; it’s hard to know how much you can trust a bookkeeper you’ve just met! Miriam quickly put me at ease and gave me great confidence in her abilities. She’s got attention to detail that I simply don’t. I know that if Miriam’s doing it, it’s going to be right. I know that if she’s checking someone else’s work, she’s going to see issues.

Scott Crabtree, Happy Brain Science

Effective help with financial management lets you keep your focus on your business.
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