Nonprofit Bookkeeping

We help build confidence in your mission and your organization.

Donors and members want to know that their hard-earned funds are being put to good use. Good nonprofit bookkeeping helps executives and Boards be responsible and responsive stewards of limited nonprofit funds. Our years of nonprofit financial experience help you tell your story with confidence.

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Back office solutions.

Some nonprofits have staff, some don’t, and usually never enough! We provide infrastructure so you’re not stopped in your tracks.

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What’s in your dashboard?

Visibility is the key to trust in your decisions. Good information helps keep staff and Board feeling engaged and informed.

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Who’s responsible?

We help Board members be educated, active and involved volunteers, giving your nonprofit a better chance to thrive.

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Keeping the lights bright

Nonprofits are unique in the world of business because profit isn’t their motivator. As a result, these organizations need financial skills that are different from those of other small businesses. Most of all, though, financial professionals working with nonprofits need a different attitude, one that understands that the bottom line on the P&L report isn’t the bottom line for a nonprofit. Mission is key.

Let your mission be your guiding light.

Services for Nonprofits

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Nonprofit Bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping and reconciliation
  • Vendor approvals, payments and tracking
  • Budgeting and cash flow planning
  • Strategic financial planning
  • Online donation setup and support
  • Tax compliance
  • Payroll management
  • Bookkeeping setup and account review
  • Financial and technology training
  • Dashboardsand reporting
  • Moral support, sounding board, and cheerleading section

Working Relationships

We work with Treasurers, Executive Directors, finance committees, executive committees, management companies, CPAS and more on behalf of nonprofits. We’re happy to attend meetings and make presentations, too.

Fundraising Office Services

  • Fund accounting and reporting
  • Donation receipt and tracking
  • Donation acknowledgments
  • Pledges and pledge tracking
  • Grant reporting

Board Engagement

We work with Boards and management on:

  • Board fiduciary responsibilities & orientations
  • Program development and finance
  • Grant budgeting and reporting, communicating impact
  • Security
  • Risk

How do we get started?

We start with a conversation. You tell us what you need, and we’ll ask questions. We’ll tell you what we can offer your business, and how we work. Our goal is for our clients to be happy with our services, so we spend time making sure each relationship is a good fit.

Nonprofit Entrepreneurs Encouraged!

Are you launching a nonprofit and need direction? We can help you get established.

Where is your office?

We run a paperless, remote office using a well-oiled workflow. We work with transactions, manage documents, and meet with clients all online. Our office becomes an extension of yours. Read more about how and why we work the way we do.

What about taxes?

We know taxes, and all books are maintained in accordance with current US and state tax laws. That said, we specialize in management accounting–operations, cash flow, e-commerce, and strategy–rather than taxes. We coordinate with CPAs and lawyers with tax and estate specialization for the benefit of our clients.

How much will it cost?

We will work with you to establish an monthly fee based on services rendered on a regular basis. We provide a quote and statement of work. Sample bookkeeping packages are available on request.

Accountability, transparency, sustainability.
Good financial habits help you make an impact in your community.
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