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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

July 2021 Financial Update

The country appears to be emerging from its year-plus freeze/stagnation due to the coronavirus pandemic. A few articles from around the web to gauge what people are thinking now that business is trying to get back to normal:

2021 Financial Calendar – July:

This month’s financial work is reviewing since we’re halfway through the year. Review your budget (you have one, right?) and see if you’re hitting spending and savings targets. If you’re falling behind or over-spending, how can you correct it? This month you should also review your books and make sure everything’s up-to-date and correct.

2021 Tax Updates and Dates

July’s list of tax deadline dates is short. For a full list, see the IRS Tax Calendar:

  • July 1: Annual tax to be registered and paid if you are in the wager-taking business.

Government Aid in Coronatimes

The Paycheck Protection Plan continues as Coronatimes start to wind down amidst mass vaccinations. But many are still waiting for their loans to be forgiven. And a surprising percentage of small business owners – 83% – support another round of stimulus relief from the federal government. Some businesses, like restaurants, are hoping that the American Rescue Plan’s aid doesn’t run out too fast and leave them hanging.

The Usual PPP Application and Forgiveness Resources

What’s Happening, in Charts

From the Visual Capitalist, the biggest business risks around the world in 2021. Not surprisingly, business interruption and a pandemic outbreak rank at the top of the list!

Visual presentation of the Biggest Business Risks around the world in 2021

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