July Journal

July 1, 2020

July Financial Update

It’s July, and the the strangest summer I can remember is underway.

This month we finally have some federal tax deadlines, all ones that the IRS delayed in deference to the coronavirus outbreak. July marks the final push in federal tax season for individuals and nonprofits. For a full list of dates, see the IRS Tax Calendar:

Paycheck Protection Program

What’s Happening, in Charts

Next, after years of decreasing unemployment in America, the numbers shot back up sharply in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. This chart shows that Black Americans have been harder-hit by unemployment, while Bloomberg reports that recovery among Black Americans has been slower.

Business Insider, The economic prospects of Black Americans have stayed largely unchanged for decades. Here are 12 charts demonstrating alarming rates of inequality.

Sadly, the job losses during the 2020 coronavirus outbreak far outstrip job losses during other recessions in the past 100 years, and recovery is still mostly a thing of the future, as demonstrated in this chart:

Business Insider: The Coronavirus Pandemic in 21 Charts and Maps.

Meanwhile, protests are the other big story of the day.

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