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I’m always interested in hearing people talk about their money in my usual curious, non-judgmental way, because I’m interested in people. However, talking about their money is definitely not something that most people like to do. A lot of mystery and black boxes surround most peoples’ financial lives, which can contribute to a lack of financial knowledge and ability. This is less about business than it is about personal finance, but it’s still interesting to read all the stories and get a more realistic picture of what life with money looks like for different people.

Refinery 29 – Money Diaries

With titles like “A week in a converted van on a $12,000 salary” and “A week in Dallas, TX on a $42,000 salary” you know these are real stories submitted by real people with budgets as wide-ranging as you can imagine. I like thinking about what life could be like in other places, doing other things.

How I Made it Work @Bustle

Bustle has a real-world series for women in their twenties and thirties, but it’s all about what people did to try to achieve financial stability, and how they’d improve what they did. This is from the UK but has a lot of diverse including an article on making it work with chronic illness.

Girl Boss Money

Girl Boss has a section with articles about money for women – making it, saving it, investing it, generally doing better with it. Quite a few women share real-life stories via Scrimp City, which is an anonymous, week-in-the-life story about a woman’s progress toward goals, such as “I’m Terrible With Money—Here’s How I’m Trying To Change That”.

Financial Peacock – Real People Real Money

This blog interview series aims to demystify both the successes and struggles of people as they get through this financial life. The blog itself is about personal financial security and how to achieve it.

14 Millennials Got Honest About How They Afforded Homeownership

This is a one off Buzz-Feed article about home ownership for the younger generation in the modern world.

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