June Journal

June 1, 2020

June Financial Update

It’s June, and the start of summer. This is usually a rest time for accountants, time to get caught up on projects and do business development. This year it’s the final push in federal tax season for many individuals and companies. For more dates, see the IRS Tax Calendar:

The big news this spring and summer has been COVID-19 and how to survive the financial instability that the pandemic has generated. Many companies and have applied for emergency loans, the Paycheck Protection Plan. In an unusual move, the federal government included nonprofits in the PPP. On an individual level, high unemployment levels have meant high levels of unemployment applications.

The question is always: how will this affect life as we know it? Here are a couple of charts trying to connect the dots.

New York Times: How the Virus Transformed the Way Americans Spend Their Money

The Economist, Even in lockdown, mothers bear the brunt of child care

Useful links from around the web:

This month all the news is pandemic news. The links below contain resources and information about current topics in finance, from the Paycheck Protection Program to worklife online.

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