Nonprofit Resources

overlapping circles graphicBelow is a list of links about Nonprofit Finance and Governance that I find helpful. I’m always interested in new sources to try out and read or listen to, so hit me up if you have something you love to learn from.

Sections: Starting a Nonprofit, Nonprofit Finance, Nonprofit Tech, General Nonprofit.

I also have a page dedicated to Small Business Resources, which are publications that specifically talk about small business and freelancer finance.

Starting a Nonprofit

NOLO Nonprofit is an encyclopedia of topics from the leading source of legal resources. Topics are basically a FAQ for starting a nonprofit, and some of the biggest legal questions. Forming or dissolving a nonprofit, soliciting donations, policies and procedures, and more.

The IRS has a page for Charities and Nonprofits that I refer to for information on formation and maintaining nonprofit status. It’s sometimes dry, but it’s always accurate. You can also look up nonprofits on the site.

Guidestar is the foremost place for researching nonprofits and getting their basic financial information. All nonprofits are listed, but some have added more information to their profiles.

Nonprofit Finance

FMA is an organization dedicated to “fiscal strength for nonprofits.” They have toolboxes, sample budgets, webinars, coaching, and consulting for nonprofits and foundations.

Wallace Foundation: Resources for Nonprofit Financial Management. Articles and other resources centering around Operations, Planning, Monitoring and Governance.

The National Council of Nonprofits has a section on financial management with a lot of great resources of their own plus links to other resources.

Blue Avocado blog – finance category. Lots of great articles on nonprofit-centric finance, including audits and budgeting, taxes and earned income

Nonprofit Tech

TechSoup is the biggest nonprofit technology resource on the web. With articles, posts, webinars, emails and of course their unparalleled Product Catalog of low-cost software (including Quickbooks Online).

Nonprofit Tech for Good is a site dedicated to nonprofit tech and fundraising, with webinars, training, and articles. They’re a great resource for online fundraising and nonprofit online marketing

NTEN is a membership community about nonprofit technology with a technology conference. They offer certificates in nonprofit tech, a job board, and other resources for professional development.

The Nonprofit Finance Fund’s financial management blog articles on best practices and other current topics in nonprofit finance.

General Nonprofit

Basics: the Chronicle of Philanthropy the NonProfit Times and the National Council of Nonprofits have general NP news.

I read Beth’s Blog and particularly like her Happy, Healthy Nonprofit articles on lowering stress and managing your work life as a nonprofit worker.